Founded in 1973 by Pope Paul VI, Trócaire is an official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church of Ireland. Working in over 20 countries, they tackle issues such as poverty, and social injustice within local and broader communities, as well as providing aid to those caught in conflict. According to their website, in 2020 alone they brought relief and support to 2.5 million people. On top of this, Trócaire also supports the education and campaigning of these issues both at home and abroad. 

Within our project, Trócaire was a vital source of information, support, and encouragement. Providing us with both the documentary that inspired our project and friendly staff like (Jeannie McCann and Joanne McGarry) who were both passionate and supportive during this project. 

University of Vera Cruz, Mexico – As a co-hosted project, it’s needless to say that the law students of Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico, have been our esteemed colleagues, and friends. Working together, we were able to investigate the impacts of big businesses on human rights violations from both an Irish and Mexican perspective, and bring the results to light for our attendees. Our end result would not have been possible without our friends; Daria, Eduardo, Fernanda, Diego and Monserrat. We thank them for the opportunity to work together on part this project.